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 Activate Freight can handle your every logistical need start to finish.  It doesn't matter if you need your shipment expedited by air freight or routed most economically by ocean freight.  Simply send us an email when you place an order and we’ll take it from there.  You will be amazed with how smooth and easy we can make the process.  Let us help determine the best routing and mode of transportation.  We’ll clear Customs and send updates along the way.  

Air Freight

Air Freight

 When deadlines must be met, airfreight can be a life saver—but it can also be very expensive.  Anytime you have 100 kgs or less, an express courier (FedEx, UPS, or DHL) will likely be the best option.  However, when your shipment rises above the 100 kgs benchmark—it’s time to start quoting commercial airlines.  Through our network of agents, Activate Freight can offer price comparisons on many different levels of air freight service.  Whether you have a 10 lbs package for an express courier or a 50,000 lbs out-of-gauge shipment for a freighter - check out the pricing we have to offer.  We’ll go the extra mile to ensure your deadlines are met! 

Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

 Ocean freight can be very slow, but if you’re able to wait 30 days for the cargo, it will drop your landed costs considerably.  It’s important to understand the routing involved, as anytime your cargo transships (changes vessels) along the way, the possibilities of damage and delays increase.  Don’t be fooled by your suppliers rock bottom ocean freight pricing; the quote is only for the ocean freight charges and does not consider a lot of other “middle-man” fees that will be encountered along the way.  Unless your vendors are offering DDP terms and pricing - it is likely missing fees that will pop-up along the way.  Let us provide an "all-in" rate, so you know your landed costs in advance.  Activate Freight can help determine the best routing and consolidation points for your cargo, which will be evident in the reduction of your landed costs and increase in profits.  

Truck Freight

Domestic Freight

 The National Motor Freight Classification system is confusing... essentially, this is a cargo classing system by specific commodity.  However, carrier's are beginning to transition to a density based classing system.  The heavier the pallet, the less you'll pay per pound.  We have the tools and experience to ensure the best freight class and pricing for your shipment.   Competitive pricing and reliable service are important—we understand this notion and live by it!  Activate Freight can handle any job, no matter the complexity or size!  Our network of agents can meet the most stringent transit times.  We love demonstrating our talents with bulk/project loads, as well as white glove service; but we can handle any truck freight (LTL or FTL) move.  We also provide full ocean container drayage all over the nation!  It is time to double-check your current provider's rates and service.  All we ask for is an opportunity to quote, our pricing and service will speak for itself.  

U.S. Customs Broker

Customs Broker

 Activate Freight is a licensed US Customs Broker with the ability to release cargo at any US port of entry. Our objective is to pre-clear Customs before the cargo even arrives, so you can rest assured that your inventory will be expedited every step of the way! 

ISF / 10+2 Filing

ISF Filing

Activate Freight understands the importance of Customs regulations, as well as the liabilities surrounding late or inaccurate filings. We will go the extra mile to ensure your 10+2 Filings are submitted timely and accurately. 


Cargo insurance

Is your valuable cargo being transported without coverage?  Did you know you are liable for any damage to the vessel your goods arrive on?  Activate Freight offers full coverage insurance for all modes of transportation.  Start protecting your investments now!!


Surety bonds

Surety Bonds

Every international shipment arriving into the U.S. requires an import bond. Activate Freight offers continuous bonds, as well as single entry bonds - ask about our competitive pricing today!



US Customs import consulting

Have a question, but don't know who to ask? Activate Freight offers free consulting services to anyone that calls!  It doesn't matter if you use our services or not, feel free to call anytime to receive our professional input.



Product classification

Commodity classification can be very complex and incorrect classifications could cause you to pay too much in duty/taxes. We'll gladly provide our professional input on any commodity you need classified.



Do the requirements for international cargo seem too complicated?

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