Don’t let the complicated requirements of international cargo stop you from growing your business to the next level.  There are plenty of US Customs Brokers and freight forwarders out there, but the service and pricing can vary greatly.  It's time to hire a customs broker and logistics provider that can expedite the customs clearance and freight movement, while ensuring the rates are below industry standard.  Activate Freight can take the stress out of the equation by personally explaining every step of the process, answering all the confusing questions that might arise, arranging freight door to door, providing constant updates, and helping you determine the best mode of transportation as well as routing for your needs.  

We are so confident in our abilities to serve others that if you are unhappy at the end of a shipment, we will provide proof of all costs incurred and waive all Activate Freight profit.

 So, what’s holding you back?  Give us a try! 

Activate Freight Terms & Conditions (pdf)