About us


Simply put—Activate Freight LLC is a full service logistics company.  Our emphasis is on the customer not the profit. 

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, as well as the best pricing available.  Our network of agents can handle any shipment no matter the size or distance in travel.  

The freight industry is running on all cylinders, but the same players are running the show and charging ridiculous pricing while getting rich. 

Activate Freight wants to shake up the freight world by offering service our competitors are unable to provide and pricing lower than our competitors are willing to provide.

Our guarantee: We will save you time and money.

Let us review a past shipment and we’ll show you how Activate Freight can save you money.  Then give us a try and we’ll show you how Activate Freight can save you time. 

If for any reason you are unsatisfied at the end of your shipment, we will provide proof of all costs incurred on your shipment and will waive all Activate Freight profit.  We are here to help, not hinder.  You have nothing to lose by giving us a try!!


Mission: To elevate the success of every customer we serve by offering concise communication and competitive pricing.  

Vision: Become the “Best Resource” for knowledge and service in the freight industry.